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Shot about the World!

It's very simple to use ShotAbout. Just do several steps and have fun!



Register new userRegister new user






       Register new user. No emails or verifications. You can use "CHECK NAME" button to find out if particular user name is already used.






Select shots categorySelect shots category







Long tap on one of six shots category let you choose what you want to see: popular shots, nearest or shots with particular tags. You can combine category to get exactly what you need.










Let's take a look on main controls:

Top buttonsTop buttons



This three buttons let you:

  • - call a map with shots - you can see shots all around the world (if they are not in private group, of course)
  • - check, send and receive messages and invitations
  • - join or invite into groups


Bottom buttonsBottom buttons



 This three buttons let you:

  • - refresh your category
  • - take a shot (if you do not see this icon it means that your device do not get your location yet, just wait)
  • - edit and send your shot to server

    You do not need the Internet connection to make your shots. You can make it everywhere! You need the Internet connection only to send them.

    Now just use ShotAbout, click the pictures and icons, explore it and have a fun!