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Shot about the World!


About ShotAbout

   Do you want to be a traveler, discoverer, reporter or explorer? This application is for you!


   Move to age of great geographical discoveries, feel yourself like participant of expeditions that discover the world!


   Leave your mark in places where nobody has been before, tell everyone about something that nobody has heard about, show everyone something that nobody has seen!


   Do not let your discoveries settle in home photo album, tell everyone about them!


   Find something interesting and show it!


   There are a lot of white spots on the world map. This world waits for its explorers!

• Make your shot, describe it, add some tags and send it. ShotAbout itself will determine your location and address and will show your shot on the map

• Choose the shots you are interested to see and get them. You can use tags and groups to find interesting shots; you can see popular or random shots, the new shots or your own in any combinations. You can just search the shots on the map

• Do you want to restrict access to your shots - just make a group and put your shots there. The groups may be private (nobody but you and members of your group will be able to see your shots), partially open (you and members of your group will be able to add new shots and the others will be able to see them only) or fully open. You can control your shots as you like. You can invite to your group whoever you want

• You can write comments to shots and change their rating

• You can send the messages to other users


Let's do something that has never been done! Together!